Cub Scouts vs. Boy Scouts

How Boy Scouting is Different than Cub Scouting

We are often asked this question, especially by parents of Cub Scouts who are bridging over into the Troop.  You may be surprised to see how different Boy Scouting is from Cub Scouting.  But then, boys of Boy Scout age are very different from boys of Cub Scout age.  Here are some key contrasts:

The Cub Scout program is family-centered.  Adults plan all activities, and most activities lend themselves to full family participation.

The Boy Scout program is boy-centered.  Boys plan activities (with adult guidance) and participate with other Scouts within his patrol under boy leadership.

Adults (usually the boy's parents) conduct Cub Scout advancement.  Camping opportunities are limited, even for Webelos.

Older boys and trained adults lead Boy Scout advancement.  Camping is a central component of the program.  A Scout advances at his own pace.